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  • 02 2022-10
    Fault analysis and handling of electronic expansion valve body

    Fault analysis and treatment of electronic expansion valve body:After confirming that the resistance and joint of the coil part are normal, switch on the power supply of the unit to run, and hold the valve body part by hand to feel whether the valve body is moving. The time from fully open to fully...

  • 02 2022-10
    Analysis and treatment of nozzle failure of electronic expansion valve

    Electronic expansion valve nozzle failure analysis and treatment:1. Apply soapy water to all welding parts and nut connection parts of the pipeline to see if there are bubbles. If there are leaks, reweld or adjust.2. Before the pipeline is rewelded, the valve body should be protected according to th...

  • 02 2022-10
    Failure analysis and treatment of electronic throttle element of electronic expansion valve

    Failure analysis and treatment of electronic throttle element of electronic expansion valve:Open the shell of the electronic throttle element, switch on the power supply of the device, and hold the coil of the electronic expansion valve by hand to check whether there is any action and whether the co...

  • 02 2022-10
    Overview of large butterfly valves

    In view of the structural characteristics of the butterfly valve, the problems of unstable and easy deformation of the large middle sand core and difficult sand cleaning are solved from the aspects of process design, production and fixation of the sand core and the use of zirconium coating. The vent...

  • 09 2022-07
    Which pipes are suitable for stainless steel pipe socket connection, ferrule connection and clamp connection?

    The connection form of the pipeline - socket connection, ferrule connection, and clamp connection are all well suited. The applications are as follows:1) Socket connection: Water supply, drainage, chemical and urban gas pipelines often use cast iron pipes, concrete pipes, ceramic pipes and plastic p...

  • 08 2022-07
    Possible problems during socket installation

    Install:1. Saw off a suitable length of seamless steel pipe to remove burrs from the port. The end face of the pipe should be perpendicular to the axis, and the angle tolerance should not be greater than 0.5°. If the pipe needs to be bent, the length of the straight line from the pipe end to the be...

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  • 07 2022-03
    How to choose a reducing ferrule air source ball valve?

    In recent years, reduced ferrule air source ball valvehas been welcomed by many businesses due to its low price and high quality. However, there are many manufacturers of reducing ferrule air source ball valves on the market now. How to choose a good quality reducing ferrule air source...

  • 28 2022-01
    Introduction to the working principle of the ferrule type pipe joint

    The ferrule joint is widely used in daily life and is a well-known tool accessory. The ferrule type joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no welding, which brings a lot of convenience to people's production and life.  ...

  • 20 2022-01
    What is a card sleeve ball valve

    The ferrule ball valve, also called the double ferrule ball valve, is connected with the pipe by ferrule to prevent water leakage and is made of metal. When the nut is tightened, the ferrule is under pressure, so that its blade bites into the outer wall of the pipe,...

  • 10 2022-01
    Stainless steel flange ball valve model and specification

    Ball valve (ball valve), a valve in which the opening and closing part (ball) is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid adjustment and control. The hard-sealed V-shaped ball valve has a strong shear for...

  • 02 2022-01
    Advantages of ferrule valve and joint structure

    The ferrule joint is composed of three parts: the joint body, the ferrule and the nut. Insert the ferrule and the nut sleeve into the joint body on the steel pipe. When tightening the nut, the outer side of the front end of the ferrule is adhered to the cone surface of th...

  • 24 2021-12
    Card sleeve valve and joint installation method

    For seam steel pipes, the tolerance of the perpendicular angle between the end of the pipe and the axis is not more than 0.5. Pour a 0.2×45 break, and the connection port should be polished and smooth, and the surface should not have burrs and uneven surfaces. When...

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